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Inscriptions in Assamese script in Arakan/Rakhine state of Myanmar (Burma)

(This Article sans the images was published in the Platinum Jubilee Souvenir of Assam State Museum 2014-2015)


Inscriptions in Assamese script in Arakan/Rakhine state of Myanmar (Burma)



Map above and the image below from Pamela Gutman’s “Ancient Arakan”

The common notion is that the specimens of Assamese script inscriptions on stone and metal from the ancient periods have surfaced only within the confines of the territory of Assam state and neighbouring areas in India. This view has to be altered due to the presence of inscriptions in Assamese script in Arakan/Rakhine state of Myanmar (Burma). From the point of view of the quality of the preserved inscription in their respective temporal situations, the Assamese script inscriptions of Arakan/Rakhine state of Myanmar (Burma) are indeed some of the best of the specimens of ancient Assamese script inscriptions. These inscriptions belong to two ancient civilisations that sprung up in the area of the Arakan/Rakhine state of Myanmar (Burma) and centred around two sites Dhanyabady and Wethali (pronounced Wedali or Waidali in Arakanese and Burmese languages).



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  1. Sylvanus Lamare

    Dr. Satyakam Phukan, well done and it give us a sense of pride that the past is being revealed and we come to know that Assamese as a language was used in the past even by the neighbouring country. Your contribution is immense and we wish you success as you move on to make more interesting discoveries.

    Dr. Sylvanus Lamare

  2. Dr. Phukan, well done. Your contribution and effort is marvelous and we all wish you success and good health on your every move.


  3. Aishwarya Buragohain

    Dr. Phukan,
    Your work is indeed a good reminder for the intelligentia of our state and country to dedicate their time for understanding our past through extensive research making use of all available facts, and to search further for new ones. I, as an Assamese, am extremely grateful to you.

    Aishwarya Buragohain.


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